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We value our patients' experience at Ballard Optical. See for yourself, the great success our patients have experienced here at Ballard Optical.

Mason Schneider

allison.jpgAllison S.

"I enjoyed talking with Dr. Schneider about the workings of my eyes as we viewed a 3D image of each of my eyes—I came away feeling more knowledgeable about my vision. I am also very pleased with the contacts he recommended. This was a less expensive brand and each pair lasts longer and holds up stronger than my previous brand."

"I appreciated the open conversation Dr. Schneider and I had about my vision. It made me feel really good that Dr. Schneider was happy to give me great advice about my vision as well as offer suggestions dealing with seasonal allergies."

"The staff members are kind, knowledgeable, and helpful. Thanks for a great experience--I look forward to coming back."

Kelsey P.


"Dr. Schneider was very patient with the questions that I had. He went the extra mile to discuss a surprisingly detailed new camera technology and showed me the anatomy of my eye and how it actually works. He was very genuine and thorough, and I never felt like he was rushed to get to the next patient. I didn’t know going to the eye doctor could be fun!"

"I was prepared to rearrange my work schedule, but I was surprised to see that Ballard Optical has extremely accommodating hours. As a new patient, I expected it would be quite the task to fill out paper work, get my name into the system, and then finally have my appointment. However, the receptionist introduced me to Dr. Schneider before I knew it! I was in and out of the office in a jiffy--I was even early to work!"

clark.jpgClark Y.

"My prescription was filled with my concerns regarding comfort in mind. Rather than just focusing on what would make my eyes 20/20, there was thought about how to make me more comfortable seeing things up close and at a distance."

"When I mentioned a family member who was suffering from an eye disease, Dr. Schneider explained what the diagnosis meant for myself and offered encouraging information regarding treatments for my family member. It was reassuring to hear."

"The staff was helpful and gave personal attention. They have great selection of frames with quick results and turn around. I didn’t feel like I had to wait for anything."